"A Tasca do Kiko" Restaurant and Tapas Bar

Waiting for some services on board? You're just passing through? This is a space that you will definitely visit.

"Tasca do Kiko was inaugurated in February 2015 by Luís Gonçalves, nicknamed "Kiko" by his friends since his school days. Born in Angola, he has lived in Lagos since the age of two. He worked as a bartender, headed restaurants/beach bars. He became interested in cooking and enrolled in the Lagos Training Centre to learn more, and was lucky that his teacher was trained by the Cordon Bleu School of Cooking in London. He thought about having his own restaurant space. While traveling, he liked the concept of "tapear" with friends and family, and thought there was a shortage of "petisqueiras" in the western Algarve."

In: boacamaboamesa

In addition to the Chef's suggestion, try the variety of tapas that we have at your disposal.


-"Monkfish and Shrimp Gratin, with sweet potatoes ..."

-"Braised Tuna"

These are just some of the many suggestions that you have at your disposal in a unique and cozy space.

The wine will be, perhaps an adventure, since the options rely on true exploits of casks!

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