First 24V Mastervolt Li-ion batteries in Portugal Sopromar installed

Sopromar Nautical Center performs the first installation of Mastervolt batteries 24V Li-ion in Portugal, providing this way a wider response for their customers with more efficient equipment and quick and easy response equipments.


Li-ion batteries store twice as much energy that a nickel metal hydride battery (or NiMH) and three times more than a nickel-cadmium battery (or NiCd)

Without the so-called memory effect, there`s no need to recharge the battery to its full capacity and download up to the total minimum, unlike NiCd batteries.

Batteries are lighter than other types of rechargeable batteries of the same size as the Li-ion battery electrodes are made of lightweight carbon and Lithium.

Li-ion batteries retain their charge. A set of Li-ion batteries lose only about 5% of its charge per month, while NiMH batteries lose about 20% over the same period.

Li-ion batteries can withstand hundreds of charge/discharge cycles. They have a life of approximately 2000 cycles (i.e. about 2000 full recharges, 0% to 100%). Each time you let the battery die before recharging it, you will use a whole cycle of it. It is preferable to reload sooner.