• "Brez Neez" 23-09-08

    "First class, friendly service. Superb facilities and very helpful. The "boys" worked very hard and carefully.Thank you very much."

  • "Clemmy" 16-09-08

    "Thank you for a superb service, friendly and helpful.With great shower facilities and thank you for the "big" steps. So I could get on board! Bev and Alan Mansfield"

  • "José Batista" 08

    "Wish and Fish Recomendado por um amigo, saio com a certeza de que esse amigo me aconselhou bem.Satisfeito em todos os aspectos.Uma parceria que farei por preservar no futuro.Grato."

  • "Odyssey" 06-08

    "Many thanks to all the staff who showed great skills and civility during the very fine work we received.Once again thank you."

  • "Noosa" 19-05-08

    "We wintered "Noosa" here in Sopromar and have been extremely happy with the service provided.All the staff have been helpful and very professional. We would thoroughly recommend to any yachtsman.We hope to return one day.Again, many thanks to all the staff. Julie and Chas RobertsUK"

  • "Artic Fox" 09-04-08

    "I spent 7 and a half months at Sopromar (21-08-07 to 09-04-08), so I have good acknowledge of the capacity and skill of the people here.I would like to thank you all for the work you have done to my "home".This was the second visit. The first one was one 2001. Maybe I will be back in a few years time for more... In Swedish:"Tack alla på Sopromar for ett gott arbete!Vi'ses igen!" (See you again!) Anders Gunilla Rapp"

  • "Progress" 17-03-08

    "We come for our normal refit, and decided to have the bottom epoxed and antifouled.Sopromar did a excellent job, and the crew worked hard and well at the boat. The yard is clean and tidy, and all concerned are courteous and helpful.Thank you. Andrew and Hilary Clark"

  • "Nirai" 06-03-08

    "We stay here for 3 months. Did many maintenance job, all very good.Now we are very happy.Thanks lots for Mr. Hugo, Pedro and other staff. Riri and Shige Asao"

  • "Dantés" 03-08

    "I love my old Sparkuram and Stepheus "Swan". The sandblasting and the varnish were well done in really "professional" work.That's the reason why I let complete service works again and again at Sopromar in Lagos.It works a really professional team there.Best regards. Barbel and Torsten"

  • "Santa Maria" 26-02-08

    "Ich bedanke mich bei Sopromar für die gute Arbeit und das guten service.Jederzeit würde ich mein Schiff wieder hier ans dein wasser sicherer lassen.Danke, Thank you."