• "Kandarik" 20-02-08

    "To: Hugo and Pedro and all the wonderful men and women at Sopromar!In Florida, know as "The yachting capital of the world" we have many many boat yards that do the same kind of boat work as does Sopromar.But none of these yards in Florida come even close to Sopromar. We think as the Sopromar as the ultimate in yacht service, not only is all the work superior, but everyone who does this work is very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient.All work that Sopromar did for us on "Kandarik" is perfect. You have our utmost respect and heartfelt THANKS FOR BEING A GREAT BOAT YARD.Our only wish is that Sopromar would come to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH from the "Kandarik" and Pam and Andy Wall. Pam and Andy Wall"

  • "Event Horizon" 28-11-07

    "Many thanks to the Sopromar team for your professionalism and proficiency.Our 1 and a half weeks with you has been our most positive boatyard experience – on either side of the Atlantic ocean – after many years of projects and travel lifts.With highest regards. Paul Kettle and Senya BoggsUSA"

  • "Iron" 2-11-07

    "Nous avons eu beaucoup de plaisir à être chez vous à Sopromar.Les gens sort super sympa, patrons et ouvrier. Le travail de qualité.Joy, votre petite fille, c'est liée d'amitié avec Laura et João et les gens du bureau quille aime beaucoup.Merci à toute l'équipe et peut-être à une prochaine fois, qui sait ?!"

  • Instituto de Socorros a Náufragos

    "Diploma de Medalha de cobre de filantropia e dedicação Concedido a Sopromar – Estaleiro Naval de Lagos, Lda. Pela forma exemplar como tem prestado assistência na manutenção e reparação das embarcação do ISN, para além da excelente colaboração que tem mantido com a Autoridade Marítima, tem sempre apresentado prontidão e disponibilidade para a execução dessas intervenções, muito contribuindo com a sua acção para o cumprimento de missão humanitária deste Instituto. Portaria 428/2007 (2ª série), publicada no Diário da Republica, II série, nº 97 de 21 Maio de 2007. Caxias, Instituto de Socorros a Náufragos, 24 de Outubro de 2007.Aniceto Garcia Esteves – Capitão-de-Mar-e-Guerra"

  • "Inia" 16-10-07

    "Although our stay at Sopromar was unexpected despite the circumstance, it was enjoyable. We believe that we could not have been "stuck" in a better place.We very much appreciated the friendly greetings and warm smiles that we received daily from all the boat yard staff – and we love Lagos – our time here will be a very special memory for both of us.Thank you! Sue WilliamsCanadá"

  • "Inia" 16-10-07

    "Nos tenemos muito respeito por todas as pessoas que trabalham no Sopromar.Que bom qualidade!Que boas pessoas!E muito obrigado os todos que tiveram paciência grande com meu tentativa aprender português. David WilliamsCanadá"

  • "Dycer" 12-10-07

    "Having arrived in June 2007 with a broken gearbox to my Bukh 10 engine. Was told that they had stopped manufacturing replacement gearboxes in 1979 – so a new engine was called for. Eventually a BETA 13.3 was fitted, very professionally by the yard and is performing well. The yard is very professional, family run it with helpful staff. I stayed at the yard for 4 months (I holiday in Spain for some of that time) and had a very enjoyable stay.Thanks Sopromar. Terry"

  • "Gull" 13-09-07

    "An exceptional service delivery with great charm.Without doubt the most pleasant boatyard experience in 20 years of sailing. Delighted we chose to prepare here for our Atlantic crossing.Many thanks to Hugo, Pedro and rest ofteam. Brendan Cahill"

  • "Arwen of Boshom" 01-04-09

    "Many thanks to everyone at Sopromar Yard, we have enjoyed our stay here and much appreciate the execellent facilities provided. The yard is clean and tidy and people are very freiendly and helpfull. The work done on our boat is of a very high standard too. We will be recomending it to others. Best wishes yo you all. Jackie and Rob Black UK"

  • "Prima Donna" 01-04-09

    "It has been a very good visit to Sopromar. We have been well taken care of and the staff is very professional and friendly. The rumor brought us here. A lot of sailing friends in JRSK and SXK Med has recomended Sopromar and all they have told us has been true. We hope that every yard in the Med would act like Sopromar. If we ever come banck this way we wil certainly come back to you. Lisbeth and Hans Friden Sweden"